Sunday, April 22, 2012

Eager for Easter

This year was an especially wonderful Easter.
For one, the weather has been so fabulous! I feel so invigorated by the *Sunshine!
Secondly, I was so proud of my kiddo's for their commitments during Lent. And, because of their commitments (especially my girls), they were super *EAGER for Easter this year!
Will committed to doing setting the table and getting drinks & vitamins every night at dinner without complaint (it is usually one of the girls' jobs)
Abby gave up donuts - this is a hard one when you consider they serve them every Friday morning at *Trojans for Christ.
Ella gave up chocolate - which again, is quite a challenge since our house is always filled with chocolate (Mommy's FAVE) :-)
Ooooh, powdered donuts are so yummy!!!
and oh how scrumptious is a chocolate marshmallow puff!!
Happy Kiddo's :-))
Off to our Glorious Easter Service at Asbury!
3 Beauties
forever friends ~ Ella & Lauren
Big version of Forever Friends :)
The Fam
Cousin Zach (and his mom & dad) come to 11:00 service - so excited to see them!
The annual Ark Easter girls pic
and boys pic
Will's favorite lil' buddy - Hudson 
Christina and Laken read the Easter Story
Big girls doting on Miss Lily
Abby had to get a turn in...
Piano time!
Back home for lunch at da casa ~ Ella wanted a pic of her with the freshly bloomed roses
My beautiful babies
Family Photo Op
Mimi with her grands
Abby's Gap casting call entry pics
Afternoon Egg Hunt at Nana & Grandads
(Unfortunately, I had to miss it due to needing to cook for dinner, but I snagged these pics from Uncle Brad's Facebook page! :-) )
Easter Dinner at Oma's
THE Carrot Cake
(been dreaming of this bad boy for days!!!!)
Kid Egg Hunt
Grandpa helps O reach 
I'm just now realizing Owen's using my Easter Basket from growing up, (the '80's) - note the purple floral and lace basket...hahaha!
Time for all my lil' bunnies (including "Roscoe") to hit the hay ~ 
back to school in the morning!
He is Risen...He is Risen Indeed!!

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