Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dallas Minus One

It was time to depart for our annual Spring Break Road Trip to the Big D! Except this time...MINUS 1.
My Will was on his 1st Mission Trip with his youth group.
After a little over 3 1/2 hours of driving, and a pit stop at one of our faves, (Allen Outlet), we arrived at our home for the week...
Homewood Suites by Hilton in Frisco, TX
Lil' Man was digging it already!
Nothing seems to bring immediate happiness to my gang like a hotel
especially a hotel that has a warm, yummy fajita meal waiting for you as you walk in the door!
After dragging the kids to the nearby Nordstroms for a late night shopping spree, the little ones were comatose in front of the kid's shoe dept t.v.
Until I mentioned "Ice Cream" :-)
And here's the real excitement - cartoons all together on a sofa couch! 
thankfully these two are inseparable and actually enjoyed being in such close quarters
Thursday, March 22nd, Day 2
Bella's dressed and ready for the day! She knew American Girl Store was on the agenda, so she loaded up *Ruthie for the trip!
But before we hit Galleria, it was time for our very first experience at JUMPSTREET
We've had many Texan friends and family tell us about this place...and all the "hype" was legit!
Kids ages 3-7 area
The O-Man trying out the Croc Slide
and little tike tramps
The Big Girls stuck to the 8 and Up Tramps:
Jump! For my Love!!
About 30 minutes into our fun, the girls got word of the "Fun Pass" and begged and begged 'til I obliged.
The Fun Pass allows unlimited access to the Snow Slope, Vinyl Maze, Foam Pit, and Bull Ride. Hey wait - we never saw the Bull Ride! stink!
Needless to say, the other 3 activities were WELL worth the extra expense
Even Ella was totally into it! 
(I was a bit surprised by this)
Jump into the Deep
So Ella :-)
again, I was shocked that she was willing to try all this
These smiles made it worth every penny :-)
Off to the Snow Slope Slides!
Abs went for a backward slide
Before we departed, Abs wanted to get in on a game of Dodge Ball
Go Girl!
After some lunch and fabric shopping, we finally made it to the AG Store where Miss Bella found a very special lunch box to bring home for all her AG Girls to play with.
Owen gave the catwalk a whirl!
Tin Star with our dear friends, The Ernsts.
Between Jolene and I, we sport 8 kids. So, there is never a dull moment when we get together.
we go back to the sweet age of 14 - so thankful for this one!
Another reason why we love hotels...special cuddle time with Daddy
and SILLY time jumping and playing on the bed!
Friday, March 23rd
It's not a fulfilled Texas trip without a stop at my fave Plano restaurant
It was a gorgeous day 
(after some rain and chilliness the days prior)
My handsome man has crossed the dark side and actually digs sushi now...YEE HA!
he's still in the minor leagues...but, hey! you gotta start somewhere!! :-)
The youngen's enjoying some fresh air 
and then getting GIDDY when we said it was time for our next stop...
this is yet another mandatory Texan pit stop - especially since we no longer have one in T-Town
(cake batter w/ brownie....UMMMM)
The Fulton's House for Friday Nite's Festivities
Kate threw a 3rd b'day party for her youngest of four, Mr. Mack!
and graciously invited her three best friends and their fam's to join in on the fun
Between the four families, we have 13 kids!! YOWZA!
*The Birthday Boy*
The Funky-ness Half Time Show by all the girlies in the group
Abby and Ella on left...
They definitely got their GROOVE thang on!!
Lil' Annie giggling at them all :-)
Time for cake and ice cream!
and then Mommy's turn for Hotel cuddle time...
Saturday, March 24th
After days of promising a swim in the hotel pool, the time finally arrived!
Unfortunately, the pool was frigid and the hot tub was on fire...but, hey! We kept our promise!!
Due to Texas having school this week, we didn't get to see my older sis Kim and her fam 'til Saturday for lunch on our way out...a short visit is better than none at all! We just love them!!
And back to T-Town we go...they were actually all excited for Home!
It is HOME SWEET HOME after all...

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