Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fried Eggs to Red Thunder

*Father's Day 2011*
began with Daddy's favorite ~ 2 fried eggs, bacon & of course the beloved toasted bagel
the five people I love most in life
 Nothin' like homemade cards from lil' people

My handsome boys...well, at last two of them anyway - littlest one decided to do monkey face!
 Ella's "You're worth every penny" Card - so proud!
Date to Drysdales with Momma to score some new Kicks!
Best idea of the year: each kid made handmade labels for Daddy to place on his coke - cans - a.k.a. "Red Thunder" - each time he pops one open. They were TOO CUTE! Each one unique. (in case you're wondering, "nacho" is Nacho Libre - Greg's alter ego)
 After a Father's Day Golf Tournament with his brother & Dad, I got to share an ice cream cone & a dinner out solo with my main THAT's a Holiday!
 To the Love of My Love ~ thank you for being the most humble, generous, affectionate, supportive & encouraging Father & Husband I know. The love we have for you is immeasurable!! ♥

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