Thursday, June 16, 2011

Birthday Bliss

Two of my dearest friends took me out to celebrate my Birthday.
We went to Sonoma on Brookside - my 1st time...oh how I loved it!
The hummus appetizer was the best I've ever tasted, and the pecan crusted Tilapia was TDF!
Did I mention Mocha Pudding Cake in a warmed mug...OH MY!
 The hubs got up early and decorated the house with some of our family's b'day decor...this is his 2nd year to do so - it's so darn cute! And, even though he had me pick out my gifts - he still goes and wraps them. When I told him he shoulda just thrown it all in a bag - he said, "'s much more fun to unwrap a gift." Hmmm...wonder where he's hear that before?!
My b'day crew
Lots o' Jewelry...Momma's favorite :-)
Big ol' Gift
Look out Chips...Momma just scored some Aviators!
 Best Gift of the Day...BOOTY PAD!!
a.k.a. "The Seat Solution"
 You know you're getting old when you are super excited about unwrapping this baby!
No more sore toosh on roadtrips!! :-)
Daddy hooked up the fam with some tasty grilled steaks while Momma took care of the sides - baked potatoes & salad (I went with a sweet potato myself - my fave)
Because I'm such an "Angel" (haha), I made an angel food cake topped with sliced strawberries & whip cream for our b'day dessert...some of us had to add some chocolate sauce as well!
 Thanks to my Amazing Hubby who always makes me feel so special & loved...
And thanks to Kate for the rockin' new monogrammed Apron...there's nothin' better than feeling a fashionable while slaving away in the kitchen!!

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lindab said...

Do you all have a get out of my face day. Arguments and I am so mad at you! I bet not. You really are the Cleavers. and that is a good thing.