Wednesday, June 15, 2011

VBS - A Timeless Tradition

Vacation Bible School

The year was 1894.  A Sunday school teacher, Mrs. D.T. Miles felt she was too limited in her time to teach the Bible to children, so she began a daily Bible school during the summer.  This school lasted four weeks and enrolled forty students.
Dr. Robert Boville became aware of the Hawes’ summer program and recommended it to other Baptist churches. Boville established a handful of summer schools which were taught by students at the Union Theological Seminary. During one summer, one thousand students were enrolled in five different schools. In 1923, he began to promote VBS internationally and founded the World Association of Vacation Bible Schools. (Information found at Wikepedia)
When Vacation Bible School began, it was an intense program – four to six weeks of full time Bible learning.  And the school was usually smack dab in the middle of kids who didn’t regularly attend church.  Now we generally get the kids for 3 hours for four or five days.  During that time, we pack in crafts, contests, games, and hopefully some Bible learning too.  

This happens to be the week of our home church's VBS. It is a week full of so much fun! But, more importantly, so much faith building! I am honored to be leading Abby's 5th grade crew and have the awesome pleasure of having my beautiful niece Zoe in our group! The big *Kicker this year?! Will is now a TEEN HELPER! I almost can't believe it! He chose to work in Owen's 4 yr old class & is having a blast!   Ella is with her bestie Myah in their 2nd grade crew. This is a most special week that we cherish every summer. Truly a timeless tradition...
My Fearless Foursome
the morning of the 1st day of VBS

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