Friday, June 3, 2011

Dancin' the Night Away at SFN!

We embarked on our 1st *Summers 5th Night* of the Summer last night...
and oh did it live up to all of my expectations!
Not only did I get the immense joy of watching my Mom & Dad show off their newly learned dance skills (from the private lessons they've been taking - how cute is that btw?!)
But I also had the last minute surprise of having two great friends & their precious kiddo's join us for the fun!
As always, the crowd was massive (which is just how I like it...being an extrovert, I get tremendous energy from being around lots of people)!
 Miss Harper was the Belle of the Ball as she socialized with everyone around us...
Mid Life Crisis rocked the stage with great tunes
that drew both young and old to the dance floor...
even Owen & Abby cut a rug!
 Will, Carter & Hampton did their boy thing...
while the girlies happily smiled & soaked up the evening
Looks like I still love a baby! Yep! I sure do!! :-)
and so does my Mini Me :-)
Me & My Gal Pals...along with our munchkins (well - Ella & Owen)
Oops...there he is! Lasering anyone who comes near him!
Our traditional run to the 'Bucks for a Family Venti Mocha Frappie! Yummy!!
(FYI: Decaf of course!)
Somebody snagged it upon arrival & went to town!
Summer has officially arrived...1st trip to the pool & 1st night at SFN. 

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