Monday, May 30, 2011

Party in da 'Sac'

Memorial Day Weekend wouldn't be the same without 
The Party in the Sac.
There is just nothing like good ol' fashioned fun...
Bring your meat to grill, your chairs, and whatever else brings you joy.
For the O Man, it was his Spidey Scooter!
A Potluck Dinner - with all the fixin's! 
(Well, I shot the wrong person's plate to exemplify what a spread we had!)
This year they had a DJ Station that was awesome! He had I-Pads you could go request songs from...even the kiddo's! So, of course, I hooked up the crowd with a little "Ice Ice Baby" and "U Can't Touch This!" :-)
Owen got his Groove Thang on!
Oh yeah...
Lauren & Ella took a break from groovin' to pose for a Party Pic
Mid-way through the night was the much anticipated Water Balloon Toss - last year's winner (Abby Lou & I) decided to switch things up and have...
Big Daddio give it a try!
And guess what...they won!
(Unfort I missed the pic of Dr. Segnar taking the winning balloon & popping it over Abby's sweet little head...ha!)
Next up...MJ's *THRILLER
Zombies arose
And Cowboy Curt turned into the Head Zombie...MJ Himself!
The kids, I mean Zombies, were magnetized to the Man in the Hat...well, until the song was over.
*The Cupid Shuffle*
PYT's - Pretty Young Things
We ended the night around 10:30 p.m. with Bella jivin' at the DJ Station
Finally, Daddio drug me away from my friends to get the kids home to bed. Wasn't ready to go - the fun was too good! And, because the Ralstons are moving, it is our last year to be on the guest list. (insert sad face) 
Needless to say, it is a party that compares to no other...and we are so grateful to have experienced it for the past 3 years! Who knows...maybe there will be a 'Party in the Sac' in Arkansas!

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Baloney said...

Will have to just move the party in the sac over here - and the Ralstons can still come!