Monday, May 23, 2011

Surprise Date Raised Up

Oh what a Splendid Surprise it was when my other line rang while I was on a typical Friday morning phone call. I clicked over to tell my hubs I'd need to call him back in a bit. He quickly muttered off "Hey - would you want to go to the Josh Groban concert tonight?"
"Uh ye-ah..." I replied. (DUH)
Next thing I knew I was scrambling to find a sitter, a ride here and there for kiddo activities, and VOILA! We were set to go!!
The opening act was every bit as fabulous as Josh imo (imo= in my opinion).
His name is Eric Lewis, and he goes by "ELEW."
He played the piano in a way I had never heard before..."Rockjazz" is what he called it.
My favorite was his rendition of Coldplay's song, *Clocks - oh was so moving.
(you can check Elew out on ITunes...just wish *Clocks was longer than a measly 2 minutes)
The cheesy self portrait while we sat waiting for Josh to begin
(which btw, was a ridiculous said 7:30 p.m. and he didn't start 'til 9!)
Needless to say, it was worth the wait.
That voice...goodness a Gift from God!
Tried 10x to get my "You Raise Me Up" video to upload...but, no can do. Sorry.
This will have to do.
I want to thank Nana & Grandad for so lovingly and generously offering their tickets to Greg and was a Date we'll always remember. 

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