Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In My Neck of the Woods

Here's what's going on "In My Neck of the Woods"...
Abby Lou celebrating her Summer B'day (turning 10) in her 4th grade class (due to her teacher's golden heart - she doesn't want summer guys & gals to be left out - something I do remember growing up...since I, too, had a June b'day). I'm sad we can't make homemade cupcakes...isn't that just a crime?!
 Anyhoo...here are my girlies on their 2nd to last day of school. Decided to send Teacher Gifts today...because I know tomorrow will be CrAzY!!
 Mr. O's last day of ELP Pre-School, Class 4a
Here are his fab teachers - Miss Nancy & Miss Amy
We will miss them! Thanks for a GREAT Year!!
Sitting on the edge of my office chair as I await what Mother Nature is going to do tonight...the night of my girls' long awaited Spring Piano Recital. And...their sweet, sweet Daddy is cutting a business trip short to fly in early to make it. Guess what time his flight is due to land? RIGHT when the horrible storms are supposed to hit...AAGHHH!! Please say a prayer he gets in safe and sound...and ON TIME!

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Mom Mayhem says: said...

Cute pics! My daughter has a June bday -it's always good to include those summer bdays. Hope your husband makes it ok -and that the storms aren't too bad in general :)

Lindsey said...

That's so nice that she does a summer birthday party!

6 Happy Hearts said...

Great idea for the summer b-day! I am going to do that next year.
Sitting on the edge of my seat as well. These storms are a lil' scary?!
Praying your hubby & family are safe tonight!

Baloney said...

Hope G made it home?!
I used to hate that my mom would make homemade treats. I wanted the store bought ones.

Amanda said...

Love Miss Nancy and Miss Amy goes to our church. Fun!

Dawn said...

So sweet!

I sure hope you all are okay through those storms. It was sure a scary, devastating night.

Thanks for linking up with The RHOK.