Friday, May 30, 2014

24 Wins

Owen's 3rd Season of Spring Baseball
He's played for Coach Jay all 3 Seasons, and they have been the "Venom" for the past two years (not my favorite name, but Moms don't get to vote)
Owen has improved in bats & fielding this fun to watch the boys really start playing ball!
Mimi is our Biggest Baseball Fan ~ she offers $1 for every hit :-)
Coach Jay's pow wow's after each game are always fun to listen in on...he then gives a game ball to the MVP of the game
These hard working boys were 24 wins, with only 1 loss!
(and that was all in just two months time!)
I love this smiley face!
The Venom have celebrated with Braums more times than I can count; Owen tried Rocky Road for his 1st time...and fell in love (it was my fave growing up)
FAVE Pic of the Season

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Becca said...

Ahhh...such great memories. I'm kind of half looking forward to/half dreading when Jax decides to play. Such a time commitment!! But well worth it. I'm starting to enter those 'busy years' that you told me about. :)