Monday, January 6, 2014

From One Christmas to Another...

December 23rd, Nana and Grandad's
da boyz (well a few of them)
Zoe, Abby, Paige and Alex
My two look a-likes
Gayle got a photographer to get a portrait of whole gang - great gift!
Uncle Bob brought some homemade moonshine…tasted like delicious apple cider
Preston, Will and Abby (P and A are both in 7th gr at JMS)
Ella got her first glass doll
Nana riding in on Owen's new bike
This pic makes me smile :-) 
Will's long awaited iPad - 
he wanted it for when he does Worship at church…well, that was his claim anyway ;-)
24 family members present since Maces were in town from Cali
Abby surprised with a darling Vera Bradley Tote
Abby FINALLY gets her beloved Uggs…been waiting for these since August!
Me and My favorite Christmas gift
December 24th, Mimi's
Somebody loves him a Bagel Sandwich!!
Owen showing off his 6-Pack Regiment!
Some Mimi Love
Abby's new *pretty 
Will in his new (surprise) Jenks Trojans Under Armour Hoodie
Gayle and I with our new BD Totes from Aunt Cindy
Abby and Ella put on quite the impromptu show at the end of our evening
(cannot even tell u how much this pic reminds me of myself!!)
Our Family Christmas Eve Ceremony
Abby and Ella played Christmas music on keyboard
ahhh….love this one
his animation reminds me so much of me growing up :D
Momma's Annual Ornament Gifting
W-Jenks debate guy; O-soccer; A-Jenks pom; E-Jenks cheer
The kids love this tradition…and apparently, Romey wants in on it!
December 25th, Christmas Morning
Off goes Miss R to greet the kids with a Mistletoe Kiss!
Romey got to play Baby Jesus this year!!
Owen's requested Magic Show 
Abby lovingly gave up her Rainbow Loom 'band collection as a gift to her sis 
My new Michael Kors purse that we couldn't find for days...
(was hiding in a wrapped gift box - I had forgotten that I wrapped it for Greg - hello Blondie!)
My boys in their new North Face coats :-)
Abby Lou got me some mini Kit Kats 
(since I always say how my Grandma name is gonna be "Kit Kat") :-))
Romey's Christmas Gift 
…a new bed!! 
She likey :-)
Christmas Brunch with Mimi
The Fam
Ella tries out her new Orbeez Spa
hangin' in the sunroom
Abby's first gift from a boy admirer 
(RS chocolates and a personalized pen)
E modeling her new leggings, cardigan and slippers
December 26th, Oma and Grandpa's
Ker and I after she opened the hilariously fitting book I got her 
My Mom and Sistas - LOVE these girls!!!
Oma finishing up her 9 course Biggie Breakfast 
All of us starting to swarm the island in anticipation :-)
Austin and Owen
One of my favorite things about my nieces and nephews is how sweet and loving they are toward younger cousins…this picture is proof of that
Big O opens his Under Armour Jenks colored shirt
Ella opening her Forever 21 Paris sweatshirt and leopard tank
Oma's handmade Thunder blanket she made for Grant's gift
Carter and Will  
Love an Oma Hug!
The annual stocking opening - I've had the same stocking since I was a baby…Greg got his after we got married. You must be "official" in order to get a King Stocking! :-)
Ker found this awesome sign for all of us to give to Grandma since she is known for telling each of us that we are her "favorite" :-)
The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.  ~B. Hillis

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