Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mini Christmas Soiree

For weeks my Ella Bella has been asking if she could host a "Christmas Party" with some of her friends. Due to the CRAZiness of the season, I only consented if the "party" was on the very small size. 
So…she invited these three darling gals ~ Emory, Reese & her new friend who just moved here from Colorado, Talya. The girls worked on a Gingerbread House, that refused to stay upright. So - what does that mean? EAT IT!! yum yum
On to Wii Dance and then ending with a Christmas movie, some popcorn, and my famous Puppy Chow. Our Mini Christmas Soiree was small…but Sweet!
Our party favors were colorful scarves with printed note tags that read "A Neck Hug from Me to You. Merry Christmas! Love, Ella"

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