Tuesday, May 21, 2013

WGR Cotillion

Sunday, May 19th, 2013
Our handsome 8th grade son is getting ready for the Finale Dinner and Dance with Cotillion. 
co•til•lion (kəˈtɪl yən, koʊ-)  

1. a formal ball given esp. for debutantes.
2. any of various dances resembling the quadrille.
3. a formalized dance for a large number of people, in which a head couple leads the others through elaborate figures.
Proud Parents ~ who also happen to be one of the four sets of parents to *chaperone! 
Fortunately, Will knew the Mazzei triplets from Regent...that helped a little when you get placed with 50 kids you don't know!

The Guys
The Whole Group
(sadly, minus Will's buddy Jack who wasn't able to make it)
Parent Chaperones (waiting for better pic)

The Greeting Line
(the young men had to bring walk their young lady in and introduce her to the line of Chaperones...loved this part!)
Mr. Kurt Claxton going over the events of the evening
The dancing begins...
Will with my friend Noel Mazzei's sweet daughter 
#thoughtherhairwassocool ;-)
Greg and I were so impressed with how well the kids danced!
Such fun to watch!!
Well done William! 
Here's to Class of 2017 turning into Gentlemen!!

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