Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow Day...Sorta

After two years of Owen praying for Snow, we finally got some!
I tried to drive the kids to the bus, but No Way Hosea! They were going to soak up every moment of the white fluff before they had to go to school!
I felt so bad that they were going to be stuck inside all day while an answer to prayer had finally arrived. :-( It was a Snow Day...but, not the kind where you get to run around in it all day as lil' man had hoped.
It was fun to see our new house in a winter coat for the first time...
always something so magical about that.
With my toasty coffee in hand, I took in the snowy view from my office...ahhh, how I love the blessing of seeing God's nature from the warmth of my home! :-) 
(Update: All 4 Kids did get some snow playtime as soon as they got home from was super fun to see them all explore what kind of snowy fun there is to do in our new backyard)

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