Saturday, January 7, 2012

O's 1st Day of BB

Today was my O's 1st day of Basketball.
As he tells me over and over, "I wanna play ALL the sports Momma...ALL of them!"
Basketball is the 2nd one he's tried...T-Ball is next up. ;-)
Lookie who's on his team - a pretty lil' girl!
We had one on his flag football team fun!!
Their 1st game was comical! They were all mesmerized by dribbling...and the lack of. 
Even 5 yr old's get a
*Half Time Show*
Then back to hoops!
and diving for the orange ball...
it was hard deciphering flag football from basketball at this point :-)
Big O & his BF from p-school held their heads high as they wrapped up the 1st game of the season.
Can't wait for next Saturday's court date!

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