Monday, January 16, 2012

At long last...

There comes a time when something *BIG needs to happen in one's life...
Saturday, January 7th happen to be that day in our oldest son's life.
My amazing 12 year old son Will received his 1st cell phone. We have fought this decision for some time. But, all the sudden it just felt right.
He is starting JMS Golf this coming week (need notification of pick up times, etc.), he babysits for us on whenever asked (thank you Red Cross Babysitting Bootcamp!), he has unbelievable grades, he almost always :-) tells the truth, the list goes on and on. In other words, he has totally proven himself.
Watching the *JOY on his face when he received the phone was priceless! (and his Daddy even teared up...shhh, don't tell!) We hid it in his backpack and called it from the hallway!
Yes, it is an Iphone. No, we didn't buy it. It was given to us by a super loving relative to give to Will. What a praise! All we had to do is purchase a data plan (of which Will pays off with all his hard earned babysitting hours - ha! :-) )
Will placing his 1st phone call - of course to *THANK the most generous donor.
(Update: I am sooooo loving the ability to call and text my son. I feel that it has strengthened our mother/son connection. We have such fun sending little love notes, playing Words with Friends, etc. It's been such a blessing so far!)

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