Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving I, II & III

What a BLESSED Thanksgiving we had this year!
Began with me and the Abby Lou getting a yummy lunch together on Wednesday
Then our Family Festivities begin Wednesday night! 
Mimi's Annual Thanksgiving Dinner
That is actually Aunt Cindy you are seeing below. Having her in our life is like having a 5th G'ma...oh how my kids are LOVED.
Then there's "Uncle" Cal. 
One Word: Keeper.   We adore him.
The ladies in leopard
Our Hostess(es) w/ the Mostess
Uncle Bob & Aunt Gayle
They Rocked!! 
Greg, Uncle Brad, & his 13 yr old son Zach - who I affectionately refer to as Greg's "Mini Me" 
Strangely enough, I met my Honey just 1 yr from this stage...23 years ago!!
Our *Guests of Honors* arrive ~ John, Stephanie, Hudson & Lily 
Gather together for prayer before feasting
Girl table
Boy Table
Hungry Hungry Boy!
Sleeping Beauty exemplifies what we all felt like doing :-)
Will shows Hudson the features of the Theater Room
Thursday Morning
Nana & Grandad's Annual Thanksgiving Brunch
Will loading up on pancakes, pigs in a blanket, and bacon!
 Pinterest *Thanksgiving Blessing Mix*
Time to Dine!
Kids escape upstairs for some Wii time!
Will requests for his cube to be "mixed up"
and proceeds to show off his skills...and the boy's got 'em!
Grandkids gather for pic
girly grands
Thursday afternoon
Head to mid-town to visit one of my BF's from HS ~  Jolene
She welcomed me to sample her family's Lebanese Smorgasbord!
And oh did I ever!! 
Thursday Evening
Oma & Grandpa's Thanksgiving Dinner
Oma showing off her youngest grand (Tanner) to Mimi
The three youngest g-daughters ~ Emma, Abby & Ella
The Whole Gang
(annual King Christmas pic)
Time to Eat!!!!
line 'er up...and Oma serves you up!
kid table
Two lil' dudes dine at the island
Friday Night
Mi Cocina with another one of my BF's from High School ~ Ashley
So much Fun!
It was an eventful few days full of family, friends & fellowship!!
No stress, no gifts...just wholesome FUN!

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