Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Indians, Pilgrims and 5th Graders...Oh My!

My littlest guy's very last ELP Pow Wow
His Pre K 5 Class
preparing to beat that drum
The festivities commence
my lil' Indian
 Next Stop...JSE for Ella's 2nd Grade Thanksgiving Play
They all did such a GREAT job!!
My lil' Pilgrim
So proud of my quietest one coming out of her shell!
Next Stop (and yes...all in one day)
JEI 5th Grade Colonial Days
Abby learned how to churn butter, have afternoon tea etiquette 
and make a homemade game out of string.
It was a wild & wonderful day to be a Mom! 
Just missed seeing my 7th grader - no more invites after 6th grade :-(

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