Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

Will dug through the costume trunk and came up with a WOWSA of a look!
Batman meets Kiss!! (the band that is)
The younger three went for more traditional looks...Kitty, Captain America & a Beautiful Bride
but not always "traditional" poses ;-)
and off we go for our traditional neighborhood tour!
Our annual pic w/ the D's and the C's
Owen was LOVIN' every minute of it!
He wanted to be *1st in line and told me over and over how he said "Thank You"
the weather was just perfect - no coats needed!
Time to evaluate the Loot!
A Moon Pie was the biggest surprise!
Ella quarantined herself in the corner so there was no chance of someone snagging ANY of hers
(middle child thing)
and this guy...well, let's just say, he was THRILLED with his winnings!
After they each chose a couple pieces to eat & bagged up their goodies...it was time for our lil' characters to hit the hay ~ for school was the next day!! :-)

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