Friday, November 11, 2011

Girlz Weekend at The Fort

My Abby Lou & I headed out to Ft. Smith (a.k.a. "The Fort") this past weekend for a Girlz Trip to see two of our Besties who sadly moved away from T-Town this past August. :-(
Just two short hours later, we arrived at their lovely new casa...LG was waiting in the yard to greet us. :-)
Abby & LG have been BF's since they were just one year old's!
Here's a pic of them at age 3 at their Dance Recital.
Our two darling daughters (dd's) immediately hit the kitchen for some baking - LG's favorite past time.
Little did we know that they decided to bake the ENTIRE box of pretzels!
Very funny!!
Meanwhile B & I settled in on the couch for some catch up time and a Pinterest lesson.
We are pretty funny too. :-)
Off to take the kiddo's for a Ferris Wheel ride...

They were SO excited they literally jumped out of the car and ran!
Little problemo - the ferris wheel had just closed for the season. 
Bummeroo :-(
Well - it as still super cool to see it. Who has a ferris wheel they can go ride just any ol' time?!
And, gives us another reason to get back for a visit soon!
Dinner at Rolando's ~ a yummolicious latin restaurant in downtown Ft. Smith
Moi went for:

Lula’s Enchiladas-Corn tortillas filled with chicken and cheese with a tomatillo sour cream sauce.

And I plowed through at least 4 bowls of their unbelievably tasty black bean/corn/tomato salsa - I coulda eaten it with a spoon!!
Dessert at a family owned Mexican Ice Cream joint.
Some of the offerings: Sweet Potato ice cream, chocolate covered banana's and smore's bars.
Happy Kiddo's :-)
After seriously sitting in her parked car in her garage for at least 2 hours (out of habit of always talking for hours after an event in each other's cars), we made our way inside to get the youngens to bed. Another hour or so of chit chat and this cat was cold out on the usual! :-) Time for some zzzz's.
After an early rising (another usual of mine) - I made my way downstairs for this...
a big, ginormous cup of Joe! I felt like Rachel on friends. Ha! :-)
(As you can see, we still had many a pretzel leftover from the baking extravaganza)
After an AWESOME time of worship at what they hope to be their new church, Abs and I had to pack up to head back to T-Town. 
Easier said than done. We could not get these two to separate. We had LG in our car with us...the two of them escaped down the street at one point...ending with them holding hands through the car window as we drove down the street. As Boyz II Men would say, "It's hard to say Goodbye." :-(
Don't be dismayed at goodbyes.  A farewell is necessary before you can meet again.  And meeting again, after moments or lifetime, is certain for those who are friends.  ~Richard Bach

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