Wednesday, June 8, 2011

*GiRLs JuSt WaNnA HaVe FuN!*

After years of having an outdoor swim party, Abby requested an at-home celebration this year. So, to celebrate our fabulously loved girl's 10th Birthday here's what we did...which, by the way, was every bit Abby's idea. I handed over the ropes this year.
She mapped out the evening on one of her many cute clipboards. She had all the activities broken down between 5:30-8:30 p.m. - wish I would have taken a pic of it. Such a little planner!
Not sure watsup, but none of my kids ever choose traditional Birthday Cake (of which I love). Instead, a Sundae Bar was the dessert of choice.
A trip to the fabric store led to the selection of the hot pink & lime green Peace sign fabric to match her invitations ~ made into a tablecloth
The evening began with some Dance Dance Revolution
love DDR!
and so did they!
nothing can bond a group of gals like dancin'!
The piano was delightfully played by several...
Being the Human Relations Major that I am, I had them circle up and all introduce themselves.  ;-) hee hee   
( I didn't totally let go of the ropes!)
Group Shot 
Funny version 1
Funny Version 2
"Time to eat!"
The Girlies came a runnin'!
Pizza, carrots & fruit 
(again, b'day girls' choice of menu)
Lil' bro admires all the pretty girls from afar 
Didn't plan this part at all...but the girls wanted to go play outside. 
I cannot tell you how much I adore watching kids play out there...what a JOY it was!
There's just nothin' like it...
Just a swingin'!
How did Abby feel about gettin' off her b'day agenda's schedule??
Time to head back up for our *Girly Activities...
Just Dance on the Wii
Manicures ~ including peace themed nail stickers of course!
Group Dance Off
The most popular nail color? LIME GREEN
U Go Girls!
Good to know they all worked off the millions of calories they are about to eat...
My dear friend Tiffini graciously offered to come help attach the *Hair Tinsel ~ good thing...'cause it takes 2 to make things go right!
*sparkly hot pink & gold hair bling was adorned by all
Dancin' & Singin' on the Piano Bench - in the background was Abby's self-selected playlist, including her b'day requested *Fireworks by Katy Perry
3 ice creams, 9 different toppings + Waffle Bowls!
Favorite Topping by Far: MINI GUMMY BEARS
The Piroulines were a favorite as well :-)
My passion for nutrition has to be put on hold during parties...
and oh how my kids LOVE that!
and take FULL advantage of it!
Many Thanks to Tiff for all her Help!
Next thing we know, everyone is outside again!
Not a bad plan...messy sundae sprinkles outside!
Present opening time - Zoe & Savannah cuddle in to watch
(BTW, water bottles were being filled with mini gummy bears...yowsa!)
I loved how we scaled down her party this year...everything was smooth sailing, including gift opening. Not quite the madness of a 4 yr old's!
It's so cool to see how the gifts change with each passing year...once you hit 10ish, gift cards start making an appearance. I don't know about u, but I love me a gift card! And apparently, so does my daughter! :-)
Sadly, the fun had to come to an end...what a fabulous party it was ~ all because of our fabulous guests!
Thanks to each of you for making Abby's 10th B'day a Day to Remember!!
*~Peace & Love to U All~*

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