Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Minus One

Now this is one view I could get used to while cuddled in bed on a beautiful Mother's Day morning!
(you will realized in a bit why Owen doesn't quite look himself)
 L'Eggo, Eggo & Strawberrio's = YUMMO!
 Here's where the Minus 1 occurs ~ Owen came down with a tummy bug  :-(
    Abby hand made her card with fabric - she even sewed the pieces on! 
 Even though Owen didn't feel well, he wanted in the group pic...prayin' he didn't give any of us his cooties!! 
   LOVED my homemade banner...

it totally MADE MY DAY :-)
  All my homemade sentiments
(I started taking pictures of cards & artwork this year so I can always have them to remember...never know what will happen to them tucked away in the attic!)
   Will's hand painted card he made in Chinese class
 Good for one free breakfast/lunch or dinner - he pays; and one free Christian song played for me on his guitar...SWEEET!
 from "Ella bella your Love"  :-)
 Abby's gonna be lovin' on me for a loooong time!
  Beautiful homemade pottery...Ella's on left, Abby's on right ~ I now have an entire collection of these as each of the kids make me one in art class each Spring :-)
Mimi over for some a fancy tuna sandwiches
(couldn't go out due to little man being sick) 
 One Lucky Gal ~ Minus One 
Spending the morning with only three of my four truly reinforced how I was absolutely meant to have all four of my babies. There's just somethin' about all of them together (well, other than the bickering...ha!). Seriously, felt so strange without my little man by my side. 
Other than that...I had one of the MOST GLORIOUS Mother's Day ever!! Between Greg making my coffee for the 1st time & planting flowers in my front garden, all the homemade treats from my kiddo's, church with my Mom & Grandma, the sweetest card & gift from my M-In-Law...I seriously feel like the most BLESSED Momma in the whole wide world! 
As I say each year..."my cup runneth over." 
Psalm 23:5


Baloney said...

I asked for homemade cards, but Doc says Hallmark says it best (as he leaves me watching the kids on Mother's Day Eve to purchase my cards). LOL.
These pictures were so sweet!
Sorry O was sick. I know he didn't feel good Saturday morning. :(

@nnie said...

Looks WoNdErFuL!!!!