Thursday, March 10, 2011

One Thing I Can't Live Without...

My old Dell desktop was on its last leg...hubby's has been encouraging me to get a Mac for months now. After short poll on Facebook, I was convinced. Tuesday morning, my busiest morning of the week...Miss Dell was acting up yet again. The hubs emphatically decided that it was THE DAY to make the big plunge!
Being that I was in the midst of my most hectic morning, I let him talk me into it. Without thinking through things, my be loved computer was shut down and removed from my "She-Cave"...aka, my office.
Being led to believe that I would have my new MacBook Pro in hand by evening, I really didn't think too much about it.
My oh my...48 hours lat, I am starting to unwind. The thing I'm missing most? My calendar. A mom of four lives by her calendar. The world CAN fall apart without it. Not only does it have all our family's activities, it also is set up to remind me of absolutely everything I am supposed to do that day!
I've already missed Will's teacher's baby shower...who knows what else! Don't worry...didn't forget my hair appt today...that one is set in stone.
Apple Store called late last night to tell us that my Outlook and 1,000 upon 1,000's of pictures are taking MUCH longer than expected to transfer...with several errors resulting...UGH.
Oh Fruit of the Spirit called Patience, I need you now.
(please ignore grammatical or spelling errors; I'm posting from an iPad)

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Amanda said...

Did you not have your calendar synched to your Ipad or phone? I operate my calendar mostly from my phone, but sync sync sync.

I'm jealous you are getting a Mac. Would love to have one! It will be worth the wait.