Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just the Girls Dallas Trip

The girls, Greg & I got to get away for a few days...
We headed down to one of our very favorite spots...Dallas (Frisco & Plano too)
Tried out a new hotel ~ great little priceline jewel
We loved it!
Our first night was spent at my best friend from college's home for a delicious fajita dinner...Greg's fave!
Kate & I are both blessed to be in the 4-Club (four kiddo's)
This is Mac, her baby boy - Abby and he bonded instantly!
This is Claire - can you believe she & Abby are only 2 months apart?!!
The darling little lady to the right is Miss Annie - she's 3 1/2
Abby had a sleepover with we got Ella Bella all to ourselves
I absolutely loooove watching *Sleeping Beauty wake up...she has the prettiest sleepy face
Went to pick up Abs on our way to go meet my sister & her fam at church, and guess who decided he wanted to go with us? The Macster! He literally climbed right in & took over the was hilarious!!
After a fantastic service at Stonebriar Community Church + an amazing sermon by THE Chuck Swindoll, my sister, niece Emma & our crew headed down to the Galleria for some shoppin'
and a visit to The American Doll Store
Ella used her spending $ to buy this darling little Zebra outfit for Miss Ruthie - headband, flip flops & all!
Later that evening we met up with one of my b/f's from H.S., Jolene, and her adorable family. Jo is also in the 4-club (four boys)
We dined at the famous Campisis - as you can see, the G-Man was in Heaven! He loves him some tasty, thin-sliced pizza!!
Following a delish dinner, we were ready for something sweet...
and Sweet it was!
The next morning, our last day, the girls and I sipped on our Starbucks coffee (I reluctantly let them share a decaf pour from our room's machine) before heading out for a serious day of shopping. We hit some of our usual's + some new spots: Nordstrom Rack, Sam Moon, Versailles Home Decor, and of course...the most wicked mall in Texas ~ Northpark!
On our way out of town, we decided to sacrifice one more hour to squeeze in a stop at my all time favorite restaurant in Plano...NAAN.
On our way in, we admired the trash can full of our most beloved ice cream cups (don't worry, we already indulged in some of that at the mall earlier in the day)
Here it is...Naan. It's located within the Shops at Legacy.
This is what happens when I get to have my favorite dish at Naan...
It's called Tuna Tower...and it is a tower or tantalizing flavors!! :-)
What you can't see is that the waiter comes over and takes two forks and mashes the tower into a concoction of yumminess on the plate. Chopsticks commence.
This is what the hubs orders ~ Mount Fuji
What a perfect ending to a perfect Spring Break Getaway...


@nnie said...

Ok, friend, we just got back from Dallas yesterday ourselves! Went there for ORU bball but also enjoyed ourselves a little Galleria and Campisis! Look for a blog post soon! One thing we didn't do was hear a sermon by SWINDOLL!!! Wow! would love to get the notes on that one.

Baloney said...

You know, as a Fort Worth girl I have to say I'm not as big of a Dallas fan. Of course, the things I love in Texas are so different from you. Can you believe it?

I could honestly stare at cowboys all day. I miss seeing men in boots and hats! And this is no reflection on my love for my husband - it's just how much I love my Texas. :)

I am so glad that you guys had fun. I can't imagine my family (any of them) being willing to shop with me!

And that church is amazing. I've never been but one of my friends works with the youth there and is a "volunteer" minister. I see pics on Facebook from it all of the time!