Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Brrrrr Blizzard Birthday

Nothin' like having your Birthday land on the biggest BLIZZARD in Tulsa's History!
We woke up to a record 14" of snow!
Instead of leisurely enjoying a birthday breakfast, we frantically had to gear up & bring in our entire back patio...well, other than the furniture! The snow was everywhere!!
My poor Birthday Boy spent his entire morning shoveling loads & loads of the white stuff...
while me & my girlies made his Birthday Cake!
The kids couldn't wait 'til dinner to give Daddy his gifts...so lunch it was!
Abby made an awesome coupon ("cupon") book for him as well as a homemade tie that she hand sewed - clip on style!
After his requested lasagna dinner, we were finally able to sing & dive into that cake!
'cause we had to keep our eye on this guy all day long...
Wonder what he wished for?? Sunshine & 70 degrees perhaps? :-)
After watching a recorded Home Makeover with the kiddo's (their favorite show), we put the ninos to bed & cuddled in for The Social Network - b'day boy hadn't seen it yet.
All I could think of today was how incredibly thankful I was for HEAT & POWER!
And, really...what could be better than being stuck at home with the 5 people I love most.


momof3girls said...

Tell Greg happy birthday! Glad you all had stayed warm inside to celebrate his birthday!

@nnie said...

wow, what a blizzard! Looks like you all made the best of the day, and you're right, what could be better than being "stuck" at home with your fam? Happy birthday Greg!