Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jammin' in January

I simply cannot believe it is already January 30th! Seriously?!
Well...I've gotta lot of catchin' up to do.
Here we go!
Me & my dear friend Susie Q eating dinner w/ amigo's at a fancy adult restaurant
(don't get out to those kinds very often)
Surprise B'day Party for one of Greg's Amazing Mentors...this guy has made a huge impact on my hubby's life! So thankful for him & all the Joshua Men's Groups that have been in together.
His daughter Suzanne and I are now getting to have our own special relationship, which I dearly cherish.
The Boyz - Steve, Greg, Andrew (Suzanne's hubby) & David (one of Steve's 3 sons) Abby & friend Azlee spent an entire Sunday afternoon writing songs & then performing them. I think they wrote 6-7 entire songs! Greg & I were blown away!!
Ella was the "comic act" during the performance
Owen at sweet Nora's 4th b'day party at My Little Dollhouse;
He loves him some Nora!
and he loves him a Mohawk!
Dress up costume & then off to the jumpy to do some wrestling
It got so serious at one point that we had to break the boys up! :-) (really!)
His favorite part of any party...THE DESSERT!
Bella Boo
The older three & I off to an '80's Roller Skating party...Greg went & found his Letterman's Jacket that I used to wear in H.S. - although it looked "50ish", I actually used to wear it in 1989!
Twisted Sister was there (see back row!)

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align="center">Ella w/ her bestie Myah

Will w/ Carter...just playin' it cool
1st Snow Day of the year
Brings out the CRAZY in everyone!
Toasty feet
Cuddly Sistas
Frozen bro bro
Daredevil who stayed out for hours
created his own mogul to sled over
goal was to hit fence as hard as he could...niiice
Fry Man
Giggly Girl off to B'day Party
Another visit to My Little Dollhouse...this time, Ella's turn
This pic cracks me up...this is where I pretty much live when I'm at home. My office. My beloved Mom Cave. My sacred place. I love it in here. Love it.
Greg was out of town. Will grabbed my camera & went to town. Kinda glad he did as it will be a memento for me. I will look back with fondness at the place that helped me retain sanity.
Can't even tell you how much these two adore one another...
True Love...Truly.
Thought Will & Abby looked so cute in their color coordinated outfits...Owen wanted in on the pic.
Why is it that my girls want to pose like Supermodels in every picture??!
Ahhh, Momma loves these kinds.
Pigtail girl off to school!
Pajama Party at Pre-school! Woo hoo!!
Owen had been counting down the "sleeps" until this special day!
Once you have an 11 yr old, you cherish the fact that your son gets excited to take a blanky & pillow to school.
I know this isn't the best pic, but I'm including it because of its meaning. Greg & I looked over & couldn't believe that these two were actually playing together happily. I went to grab my camera to get it on film & of course they went into funny faces...
Funny faces escalated into funny maneuvers.
Abby Lou working on her *Little Black Dress* project for school - we cut & sewed a mini LBD for her to have as a visual aid
Will at his "Circle of the State with Song" Choir Performance
8 School Choirs who practiced all day long for the Concert
It was like hearing Angels singing in Heaven...truly glorious!
Proud Momma
73 degree January day makes for a mighty fine Roasting Marshmallows kind of evening!!
Tomorrow...Old Man Winter pays us another visit...not too happy about that.
I heard a prediction that school will be out Tues through Friday...pleeease tell me it ain't so.

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@nnie said...

wow, you are so efficient! you packed so... much january in that post...

looks like a lot of fun jammin with your family in January....

love the 80's skating party.. so fun....
and all the pictures of your kids playing together and loving on each other... not happening in my house!

Jealous of that! I think you need to help me with that... where am I going wrong?

Well, here's to February!