Friday, December 24, 2010

The Nights Before CHRISTmas

Smiles for Smores
A fabulous four
Nana & Grandad's Christmas
Yummy dinner was had
Gift opening is rad
a personalized goal for O
Abby w/ her cousin Zo
Sweet dolls unwrapped...Ella like
Grandad reveals Abby's new Bike
"Pretty in Pink" is the Bike's cute name Will's new Ripstik...out it came!
Favorite gift received this year
Time for OU gifts...let's cheer!
Nana received lots of *Bling!
Our 1st iPad made us sing!
CHRISTmas Eve at Mimi's
Some of my Ruley Kin
Uncle Brad with little men
Ella gives Aunt Cindy homemade art
Singamigs warm everyone's heart
Toys that harmonize like a team
Feathers must be this year's theme!

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