Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Locks of Love

Today was the day!
After many months of growing her hair out, my Abby Lou decided it was time to say goodbye.
We measured one last time before heading to the salon...
Yep! We've got at least 10 inches!
(the Locks of Love minimum requirement)
Not only was this a super busy time to decide to do this (the week of Christmas), but this Momma was soooo sad to say goodbye to Abby's gorgeous mane! She has the kind of hair that I work very hard to achieve via products & a flat iron! :-)
We arrived at the salon and asked for "Nish" - the sweet gal who cut Will & Ella's hair over Thanksgiving...I knew she could do a great job!
She measured and then gave us a visual...
I hooked Will up with the video camera while I handled the still photography...
Oh we go!!
Thankfully Nish kept some hair out of the ponytail up front so that Abby could have
a swing style bob (HIGHLY recommend doing this!)
At this point, I'm still super nervous seeing how absolutely short the back of Abby's hair was...breathe Katie...breathe.
Abby gets her 1st look at her new 'do...can't tell for sure if that's a fake smile or not.
Thank you Nish for doing such a great job!
Once home, Abby went straight to the bathroom to play with her new style...
then one last pic with her donation.
Packaged and ready for shipment...
I think some little girl is going to be very, very happy :-)
And this girl...well, let's just say, she loves her new hairstyle so much that I'm not sure she'll ever grow it out again! :-)
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Anonymous said...

Love it Katie, What a beautiful girl and so generous! Beautiful, just beautiful! Love and miss you my friend.
Karen Davidson Smith

Baloney said...

I love little girls with shorter hair. Looks fantastic!

@nnie said...

oh my heavens, I got nervous just scrolling down through this post.... in that before picture, her hair is just so gorgeous! But I have to say, the after picture is adorable! Abby would be beautiful with any hairstyle, and what a wonderful thing to accomplish at a young age. Abby is so beautiful on the inside too!