Friday, December 10, 2010

The Next Noel

Last Sunday night was a night I greatly anticipated...
It was the night of Asbury's children's Christmas program, "The Next Noel."
This was part II to last year's production "The First Leon"
I had the awesome privilege to have my three older children perform in this wonderful program! (Still kicking myself for not begging the 4 yr old choir to let Owen join - even though he missed the cut off date by 2 months! I could of have ALL 4 in 1 program!!)
Abby, my 9 yr old, had her 1st Speaking Role!! She definitely had a little "Katie" in her - she fell right into her roll with a little *Spunk shining through! :-)
The "Young Musicians" did a beautiful job as they told the story of how Leon, played by my Will, loses sight of what is most important.
I loved how they had the younger children's choirs come and sing a song throughout the program...this was "Sing Noel" by Ella's Choir (on left with leopard bow)
But, of all time favorite part of the program was when "Leon" realizes what Christmas is really about and sings the solo:
You are my Shepherd, loving me so,
Guiding me gently, and holding me close.
Jesus, I come to You, just as I am,
Bowing before You, just like a lamb.

As you can see by the picture below, Will fully got into the role. You could feel his spirit and see him truly worship the Lord as he sang his song. My heart melted...
Abby also played the role of one of the Wise Women!
Here's Miss Marti leading the children in the Finale!
We were so honored to have Will & Abby's 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Majors, come see the program. Words cannot describe how amazing she is!
And here's another amazing lady...Miss Marti. She has been an incredible music teacher for my children! One of my great desires as a Mom is for my children to love and appreciate music. I want them to learn how to be great Worshipers! (After all, it is what we will be doing for an eternity!)
And last but not least, our family...truly my children's biggest fans & supporters. We count our blessings every day for each and every of them!
May each of you be like Leon & find the True Meaning of CHRISTmas this Holiday Season!
You will go from feeling feeling BLESSED!

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