Saturday, December 19, 2009

Three in One...Oh what a Night!

It would be an absolute crime if I did not journal what a *Magical Night our family had on the eve of Sunday, December 6th.
My three older children were all part of Asbury's Children's Christmas Program:
There were Lil' Angels...
(check out the little guy on the bottom row...he started punching his Angel "robe" up and the end of their performance, the entire group was doing it! It was hysterical!!)
There was "Leon" which my older son Will got the opportunity to play.
(Note: "Leon" is "Noel" spelled backwards)
There were Wise Men...oh, and Wise Women too. :)
This is the 5 & 6 year old cute!
And, of course, there were Dancing Angels...which included Abby and other 3rd grade gals.
They did the SWEETEST DANCE!
The premise of the show was how badly Leon wanted to get a part in the Christmas Play. He tried out for every part, and ended up not getting a role. After begging the "director", she offered the part of the understudy of the Inn Keeper - who happened to only have one line. Desperate, Leon accepted the offer.
And, to his good fortune, the Innkeeper was sick and Leon was able to be in the play!
He ended up sharing more than just his one line of "No Room" and sang the most beautiful song called "You can have my room Jesus."
This song melted the heart of all who heard it...particularly our family. There wasn't a dry eye in the house!
Not only were we so incredibly proud of Will for singing a solo, but we were truly moved by the message of the play. That message is that we all need to give up space in our lives to make room for Jesus.
The Finale was the entire cast singing this beautiful song.
The darling girl next to Will was the "Director" of the play...she was outstanding! I think she might be the next Miley Cyrus!! She has such great 'tude! (attitude that is!) :)
Not a great shot, but the lady standing in front of the group is the wonderful Miss Marti. She is the wife of Asbury's Music Minister. It's ridiculous how incredibly talented she is! She wrote the entire program herself! It is awe inspiring at how God has gifted her.
The two *stars* of the show...wouldn't they make a cute couple one day?!
Abby the Angel with two of her church besties.
Some adoring Mom & Dad.
And some more adoring fans...Uncle Mark, Aunt Teresa & Grandma.
And yet some more adoring fans...Aunt Cindy, Cal & Mimi.
And lastly, the World's Proudest Parents. :)
I do hope that each of you MAKE ROOM FOR JESUS this Holiday Season. After all, isn't HE the REASON FOR THE SEASON!


Baloney said...

That's a really great picture of the 6 of you!

M.S. said...

Katie, thanks for sharing! What a fun night and a great memory for your family! Merry Christmas! Megan S.

L stewart said...

Oh...I wish I could have seen it! Will you have a video? I bet you were one proud mama!!! I love when they sing and dance for JESUS!!!

@nnie said...

Wow Katie, what a fantastic show and I love that your kids will always remember it... how could they not being such an intregal part of it!? I so wish I could've heard Will's solo ~ Such a blessing!!!!!