Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Owen is Growin' (up before my eyes...)

This is my oldest son Will during the first month of 4 yr old pre-school, back in 2003
(That's Abby next to him, age 2)
This is moi during that same month - prego with Miss Ella Bella (who is now in 1st grade!)
This was today, August 24th, 2010
My baby headed off to 4 yr old pre-school...just like his big bro did 7 yrs ago. I cannot begin to tell you how absolutely different I feel toward him as I did Will. The first, seemed SO BIG and so grown up...the last, well...I'm in denial that he's close to turning four. It's like he grows, but his "baby position" stays just the same. I will forever feel like he's not really his age.
Thanks to some God Tears, he was a little damp on his way in...he thought his shoes were "splash shoes"! :)
a little giddiness as he gets closer to his class
Gosh, I LOVE that face!
And he's off...running down the "Big Kid" hall to his 4A class!
Wait! I need another pic...
His cubby
His precious teacher greeting him on his way in
Putting his name (yes, it's upside down) in the schoolhouse
Owen ~ I love you so so much! As much as it pains me that you are growing up so quickly, I am so excited to watch you become the boy that God designed you to be. You do something to my heart...and I can't imagine life without you in it.


@nnie said...

Ok, another stroll down memory lane... I remember Ellie and Abby being in kindergarten and you coming in to B2Snite pushing the stroller w/ baby Owen. Things were much more relaxed at tonight's B2Sevent! Bittersweet.

momof3girls said...

congrats! What a sweet day!!!