Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oma's Birthday Soiree

Last night we hosted a Birthday Celebration in honor of my Mom's Birthday. It was so exciting to use the new outdoor room for the 1st time (even though our furniture is STILL not in!)

My Momma & I

Such a sweet sight to see two precious cousins play together...
The Birthday Girl catching one of her babies off the slide...
My little sister Kerri and her main man...Kreston.
How cute is it that they look alike!
As Paula Deen says, "Let's eat ya'll!"
My sis-in-law Courtney and her adorable Austin
Grandma & O
Break to spray for bugs...Ella is always their #1 target!
The peeps who didn't eat in the heat.
All smiles :)
*Happy B'day to Oma!*
B'day Presents
Oooh Ahhhh
Oma loves her girls!
The little dudes watch from afar...

Hi 5!
Oma goes in for a kiss...
Found out late in the game that this lil' guy had been eating trail mix (w/ M & M's) out of the bowl with a spoon all night!
At long last, it's *UZZI time!!!WOO HOO!!
Ella does a *Birthday Dance* for Oma!
Just soaking up the moment...a night we've waiting a very long time for.

Worth the wait.

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