Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Little Heaven at Eleven

My 1st born's B'day Morning began with a toasted Bagel all the way from NYC!
(Daddy scored him one on his way home from a business trip)
The B'day Boy in our Family B'day Hat
Cutest thing ever...Abby & Ella came sprinting in from school with our little neighbor friend to wish Will a Happy B'day!
Abb truly loves her big's the card she made him

After his requested Hideaway "Boz" Pizza (covered in jalepenos!), Grandad & Nana arrive with his BIG gift from both them and us. After converting the playroom to a bedroom, we decided to allow him to have a tv in his room...ONLY for gaming. No cable t.v.! No way Hosea!!
Aunt Gayle & U. Bob gift him with his favorite movie
I love that he loves clothes! Really, he does.
Grandpa shows up with some surprise donuts - Will's favorite
Raspberry Filled is his poison (just like his Momma!)
Mimi gives some b'day love
Us with the baby we prayed and prayed for...after 9 months of infertility and being told we would never have childen without the help of drugs, God blessed us so!
(Peanut Butter pie as requested...Will's never cared for b'day cake)
The Fam
Looong story short, Will's Friend B'day Party turned into a make shift party at our house. The Tulsa Oilers Ice Rink decided to have a "Skating Pageant" without consulting us.
Will & some of his Best Buddies

Praising God for all the AMAZING blessings He has poured out on our lives through the gift of our son William Gregory Ruley. I am amazed by his intelligence, his ability to negotiate, his love for his family, his understanding of faith, and so much more. God revealed to our hearts when we were pregnant with him that He has something quite special in store for Will's life. We eagerly anticipate to see His good & perfect plan unfold....

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L stewart said...

Happy birthday Will!!!

There is something so secial about that first born son....don't you think?!!