Sunday, May 2, 2010

From Playroom to Catwalk...

As promised, I am FINALLY posting some pictures of our journey of transforming our playroom into Abby's Bedroom. She had not had her own room for over four years...the time had come.
So...this is what the ol' girl looked like about 4 months ago.
And this is what my upstairs hallway looked like when we emptied it...NOT a pretty site!
(And that's only about half of it!!)
10 1/2 years accumulation of toys, games, babies, art, etc.
1st things 1st...a *BLINGY CHANDELIER*
Oh, and a mattress :)
Next step...a Bed & Bedding
We had always planned to do "Razzle Dazzle" Pink in her bedroom...we just didn't anticipate it being such a large area (the original plan was for her to move into Owen's nursery and then Owen in w/ Will...then we decided that they are on way too different of schedules for that to work right now). Since the room is so large we knew hot pink would overpower we opted for just doing it in the nook area.
Okay, so Razzle D is up in the "Art Studio" area...and we LOVED it...but, we didn't know what in the world to do w/ the rest of the room. "Peanut Shell" just wasn't gonna cut it.
Pretty bed...barfy background
So...1st thought was to go monochromatic and try doing White in the other 2/3 of the room
Oops...this pic is out of order (supposed to be up a couple)
Here we go...the white was OK...but, there was one MAJOR designer faux paux...
Our trim and our doors were "Vanilla"...AGHHH! Made the white look like "liquid paper"
Momma couldn't deal w/ the sight of that! And we weren't up for re-painting the four doors and all the molding....
So, we knew we needed to move onto Plan B
Only solution I could come up with: WALLPAPER
Wanted to avoid wallpaper at all costs.
Why you ask? It's super have to pick your design from a little notebook size sheet and hope it will look good in an entire can't hang nails, change your mind, and then patch's not usually timeless...can't just change it on a whim...the list goes on and on.
In the mean time, Big Daddio converted playroom closet (which was FULL of all types of games, arts & crafts, etc.) into a Little Fashionista's Clothing Casa - forgot to take after pics, but it's super cute! I get an adrenaline rush at the sight of a pretty closet! Really, I do. :)
THE BIG DAY arrived. I bit the bullet, ordered wallpaper online and had it shipped in. A local lady put it up in one day. I was on pins & needles....I knew there was no turning back.
1st section first sight, I felt nauseous...what had I done?!
At 2nd site...started to grow on me...but still wasn't certain.
We knew we wanted black & white paired with some hot pink for her new room, but I knew better than to do a black & white wallpaper with so many other b & w accents - bedding, drapes, etc. So, I went with a silver & white and tried to choose something less trendy, more on the French side - my love. I can totally see this paired with Tiffany Blue accents one day if Miss Ella ends up in there.
DONE! And I was still on the fence as to how I felt about it...
I knew it was totally over the top for an 8 yr old, but I kept telling myself how she will be able to grow into it...and, what a fabulous Guest Room it will be when we have out of town guests! :)
Abby home from school and seeing it for the 1st time...she collapsed from excitement!
The fun painting I found to add a little Glam!
Another cool piece we picked up at Z Gallery in Dallas - if you haven't been there, u simply must go!! The pics don't do it has flowers made out of crystals - adds *Sparkle!
So, the room is allllmost finished. Still want to add a beautiful scripture to the art studio wall and find a sweet black or white carved bookcase (anyone know where to get one?). Oh, and I have a rockin' rug picked go in front of the two chairs...just waitin' for it to go on sale. :)
You know whe feels at home when the homemade signs go up on the door!
Last weekend the girls came down and told me they wanted to show me something...I never know what that will entail. I came up and this is what I found...the entire room filled with every single toss pillow from both of their rooms...they had created a "CATWALK" for their "FASHION SHOW"
(Even their American Girl Dolls were lined up to watch the show!)
They dressed themselves and did each other's hair. Then, took turns walking the runway and going through a myriad of poses for the camera :)
Abby's turn to show her stuff...
This comes WAAAY too natural for's almost scary!
Look out Heidi Klum!
We better start investing in "party pics" now...she's going to need stock in them!
And girls don't watch "Project Runway" - it's just a genetic button that was turned on since birth...don't know where they get it!

I feel compelled to end with..."GIRLS, THEY WANNA HAVE FU-UN! Oooh, Girls justa wanna have...."


L stewart said...

Alli is still talking about her friend Abby and her beautiful room!! Oh my.... I know what you mean about the genetic button switched on at birth! We got a lot of that going on here as well:)!

PS. I think the wallpaper is fabulous!!!

Ro said...

What a fun transformation!!!

@nnie said...

Absolutely gorgeous Katie. Abby is one lucky little girl to have a mom who is soooo cool! and stylish! I love it all, the wallpaper, the razzle dazzle pink, but the piece from Dallas might be my favorite!!! Awesome!

ASHLEY said...

well that's just FABULOUS!!!! i love it!!! you did a GREAT JOB!!! : )

momof3girls said...

such a pretty room - love the wallpaper

ellen said...

LOVE this room! I would never have thought to do the wallpaper, but it is PERFECT.

(Your love for your children/family just shines through all of your posts.)