Saturday, July 4, 2009

Favorite Family Event ~ Summer's 5th Night

I feel obligated to share about Tulsa's BEST Family Event around...Utica Square's "SUMMER'S FIFTH NIGHT". It is every Thursday night throughout the Summer. And, it's FREE!!
We've been going to SFN for around ten years now and absolutely LOVE it!
The kids have a such a BALL having a picnic dinner, dancing to one of the live bands, getting free balloons and eating snow cones (those, unfortunately, are not free).
All four of my kiddo's look forward to our nights at SFN. We have so many cherished Family Memories there...from Abby's 1st Birthday to meeting family to date nights with other families.
Big Sis teaches Owen how to groove...
Yeah Baby!
Owen strumming his "Air Guitar"
My Mom (Oma) and her Ella Bella
Abby Lou
Dancin' Daddio
Mama Mia
Oh, I forgot to mention that we often treat the kids to a big DECAF Starbucks Frappie!
Frappie = Big Smiles :)
Playing Chase with Balloons
Owen inevitably slips his balloon off his wrist and watches it go to Heaven...he loves that part.
Pure Joy
This past Thursday, we met our dear friends The Stewarts at SFN. They had driven in from OKC for some T-Town time w/ the Ruleys. :) It was SO GREAT to see them!
The kids threw pennies in the pond, munched on cookies and occasionally hit the dance floor for a jig. (Abby couldn't get enough of Baby Emery...she's counting the days until she can "officially" babysit. Oh, and Will's "too cool" for the kid picture this summer.)
Hunter & Ella still have that *Magic*
It's as if they had never been apart... And, our latest couple arose that evening...the O-Man went for an older woman...Miss Alli.
Holding hands at age 2 and 3...I think it's safe for now! :)
My darling, treasured friend Lindsay, who I met 6 years ago at Asbury's Mothers Fellowship.
She's one of those friends you know God divinely planned to have in your life. We share a love for Faith, Family & well...FASHION. :)


L stewart said...

We had soooo much fun!!! I wish we could do it more often! The kids keep talking about their friends in Tulsa!!! Love ya!
~ Lindsay

Baloney said...

Hey there to Lindsay!!
BTW - you know the blended cremes have NO coffee in them at all? Jacob gets the Vanilla Bean frap and it tastes like a vanilla shake. Doc gets the Double chocolate chip one (you can guess what that tastes like).