Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lovin' Camp Loughridge

Will & Abby's 1st time to go to Camp...
Just day camp that is...Tulsa's own, Camp Loughridge.
It was one of the MOST FUN weeks of their lives! (despite the fact that the heat index was around 110 degrees each day...YOWSER!)
This is the little Princess who is not old enough to go to camp just yet...she & lil' bro loved being the only two at home with Mom again...ahhh, no one to tease or boss them around.
Ella Picasso
*!~+#WAcKy WeDnesDaY~*&%@
On our way to the Camp Pow Wow on the Last Day
Giggly Girl
Abby's Tribe
Will's Tribe
Abby's new pal...Abigail. You shoulda seen the hand clappy song things they did...WOW! They could sing and do them at lighting speed!
Mom & Abby Lou
(Oh how this took me back to all my years at camp...such incredible memories! I miss those days...)
Abby's Counselors giving each girl an award...Abby got
"Imagination & Adaptability" (She moved tribes on the 2nd day)
- Daddy was with Will, so no pics of his...he was awarded "Discipline & Cooperation"
Abby's Sweet Counselors...Maria & Katie :)
Miah & Abby - Best Camp Buds
A Forever Memory
For all of you who asked...YES! I absolutely HIGHLY recommend Camp Loughridge! It was a super duper fabulous experience for my kiddo's!! And, such a great way to ease them into going to camp. There's really nothing like learning about God in the midst of the nature that He made.

*~We Love You CaMp LoUgHriDgE!~*

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Anne said...

I say it again, summertime is so sweet! Glad will and Abby had a great week!