Thursday, January 1, 2009

Oh I hope dogs really do have good hygiene!

See Owen

See Owen getting friendly with my little brother Kendall's dog, Jasmine.

See Owen getting an idea

See Owen try to mimic Jasmine's tongue moves

See Owen getting more and more excited

Abby chimes in with some lovin'

Oh my...he goes for it! A DOGGIE FRENCH KISS!!

PLEASE tell me that dogs really do have good hygiene!
Okay, I had over 900 Christmas Pics...tried to narrow down to just a few comical or somewhat entertaining ones for this post.
Below is Greg's Dad's Christmas Celebration with 10 of their 16 grandchildren doing the ol' "Make a Funny Face" shot.
Our annual stocking shot on Christmas morning

Willster rocking out on his new "Guitar Praise" (yes, it's true...they came out with a Christian version of Guitar Hero this year...SO COOL!)
The O MAN sporting big brother's new OU Hat and Shades

Ella's new shades

Christmas Eve at Mimi's (Greg's Moms)

One cheesy (or shall I say Salami-ish) Abby Lou!
Meet Frank the mini Alligator

Owen trying to make friends with Frank

Owen thinking "Are you kidding?! You want me to sit still for 10 minutes while this dude draws our caricature? Yeah right!"

Had to throw this one in b/c my nephew Zach (on the right) looks almost identical to want my hubby looked like as a little guy! SO darn CUTE!!!

Our visit with Santa at Ashleigh's Awesome annual Children's Christmas Party

Gettin' all curled up for our PJ Party!

This is the picture most Moms delete and never show anyone...what life is REALLY LIKE trying to get a good shot of four kids! :)

My kids favorite stocking stuffer...a REAL COKE in an old fashioned bottle (that crazy old St. Nick! Doesn't he know I don't allow my kids to drink caffeine?!!)

Abby doing the "Happy Dance" after opening her Pink Nintendo DS!

DOG PILE at Oma's house (my Moms)
Dog Pile turns into WWF Wrestling

Is was one could stay away

Poor Uncle Dan...

Okay, this is where I get kind of sappy...
One of my VERY FAVORITE parts of Christmas this year was watching the older cousins (at every single family gathering) absolutely dote on their younger cousins. It was beyond precious. When do you see an 11 and 13 yr old hang w/ a 2 yr old?! Keegan & Carter - you guys are the best!! (As are all my other nieces and ALL ROCK!)

Aunt Kerri with all her girls...she HAND crocheted them all PINK SCARFS! Paris Hilton would be so jealous!

This is how exciting I can be at a party once it hits 11:45 p.m.! Is this what happens when in your mid-30's?! Embarassing!!

My MOST ADORABLE & FABULOUS Grandma with just a few of her great grandchildren. I think she is up to 28 total!! Oh how we LOVE our Grandma...she is a ONE OF A KIND GEM!

The King Family Christmas Card - check out the 20 Handmade Stockings in back!
There's no place like Home...
What a wonderful CHRISTmas we had! Our theme was all about EMMANUEL this year...teaching the kids that it is all summed up with "GOD WITH US."
SOOO much more to blog about...yet SOOO little time.
I have a nutrition blog I've been itching to post...hopefully soon!


Heather Horton said...

I don't even know where to begin!!

The pictures are precious!

-Love the O-man and the puppy!! Such an Owie move!
-Will and I need to battle on his new guitar game!
-Ella shades spell...DIVA!
-Abby and her salami make me laugh!
-The Alligator....i don't even know what to say!
-If you got Owie to sit for 2 of the 10 minutes I would consider you AMAZING!
-When I read the Coke comment without seeing the picture the first thing that came to mind was....Katie is letting her kids have caffeine!?
-That is precious that the cousins were helping Owie with his presents! Isn't family amazing?!
-I want a pink scarf!!
-Your passed out picture made my day! :)
-All of the handmade stocking are amazing and that is what I want my mantle to look like someday!

I think that's all for this post! :)

Love ya!

momof4kr said...

LOVE U 2!!!

p.s. Your Christmas picture made my day too! :)

Baloney said...

I love looking at your Christmas pics.

kim said...

great pictures Katie! It seems that you and your family had a wonderful holiday! I thought by the name of your post that ya'll got a new puppy for christmas! ha! Owen reminds me so much of Ty! Thanks for the update!

Love ya,

Annie said...

Wowzer! You win the award for best use of pictures in a blog entry! They are awesome!!

Things I love:
The stockings!
The PJ Party!
Your beautiful Kiddos!
The doggie kiss!

goooooood girl said...

your blog is feel good......