Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wordless Wednesday...well sort of

Abby modeling in the American Girl Fashion Show

Abby with "Emily" in PJ's

Will, Abby & Ella in Asbury's Christmas Program

Proud Mimi & Aunt Cindy

Abby holding Mia in her new Christmas Outfit

Cutie Patooties

Will playing "Hilton Railey" in his class play

Oma with two of her favorite boys

Ella helping Mommy cook

Jenks East Singers performing for the PTA

Will after my good friend Tiffini showed me how to use my new thinning shears

Ella at Lauren's Pink Poodle Party

The kids begging to put Owen in the Manger and me saying "No!"

1st Day of being Iced In...anyone interested in coming over to clean up this mess?!!

Big Pot of Matzah Ball Soup for my sick, sick hubby

Owen's newest trick...he turns into SUPERMAN on my tub!

Ark (Sunday School) Christmas Party

Sweet Girls
More to come later....


ASHLEY said...

um...your eldest son looks like he's almost TWENTY in that picture!!!!!! ya know the one. that's freaky! cute pictures!!!

Michelle said...

That is such a great B/W picture of your son. He is handsome. I didn't know your girls were in the AG Fashion show! Grace was in it also. She was in the Sat at 10:00. What a great experience for her. I bet your girls loved it too. Grace is crazy for American Girl dolls.

Annie said...

hey girl! funny seeing you at Walmart like 5 times today as I scurried through with my 3 kiddos. Can't believe that I kind of FORGOT what it's like to go there with 3 kids. Whew. Anyway, looks like you've had a great month of fun EVENTS. I know you are sad about missing some of them, but maybe it's God's way of slowing us down. I don't know. I enjoyed hearing Will sing as part of the Jenks East singers! Wow! A solo too! His talents never end. Blessings!

Baloney said...

Cute pictures!
Ark party looked like fun. :)

thisonesforthegirls said...

Such cute pictures! I loved those AG outfits!

I tried to be a follower of your blog- but it kept using my son's blog name. I finally signed up anonymously to be a follower... Sigh. No time to really figure it out right now. :)