Friday, September 12, 2008

My Last Little Duckling

What a bittersweet day! My youngest baby off to pre-school!

Although part of me could not wait for pre-school to begin, there is another part of me that loves having my babies home with me...under my care, my protection, my control (I have to be honest). But, the time has come to let my little duckling spread his wings! And spread he did!!

The O-Man will be proud to tell you that he dropped three loads, tried to eat his classmates' lunches, and didn't sleep one wink at nap time! He is sure to be voted "Class Favorite"!

In the mean time, this Momma had her first free day (well, a few hours) of freedom in 4 years!! I say freedom, but so far it's been chiropractic appointments & the grocery store. One day...just maybe...I'll be joining my friends for coffee, lunch, 2 hour massages...a Momma can dream can't she? :)



Ro said...

He's definetely going to be class favorite!! Let me know when your up for that coffee :) I'd love to talk about how you keep it together with 4 little ones :) You are an amazing mommy!

Baloney said...

Wow - class favorite is right!
I'll meet you and Ro for coffee. I am free in the afternoons! Sometimes... :)
You were just tagged on my blog. Check it out!