Monday, September 1, 2008

My Mini Me with her Mini Me

After a WONDERFUL time in Dallas over Labor Day Weekend, I realized more than ever that my oldest daughter Abby is truly my MiNi Me.

She shares in so many of her Mommy's Loves ~ Babies, Chocolate, Shopping, Fashion, and Music just to name a few. I absolutely delight in watching her grow into the most Amazing Young Girl.

The American Girl Doll Store in Dallas

Abby with her Amercian Girl Doll ~ MIA

My two sweet Angels sound asleep...with Mia by Abby's side.

Abby with her baby "Owen" eating breakfast. She literally takes him everywhere. She carries his diaper bag, blanket, and pacifier with us when we leave the house. You will spot her at the mall with her doll size stroller...she simply will not leave the house without it!

She is a Babysitting Extraordinnaire (yes, you could consider her Owen's 2nd Mommy!), a Dancin' & Singin' Machine, a Friend to everyone she meets, and she has a Smile that lights up a room. My Abigail Kathryn brings so much JOY to my life!!

Abby cuddling with every baby she encountered over the weekend...seen here with my dear friend Jolene's Bankston and lil' Miss Annie Fulton.

Abby doting on her new baby cousin Austin.

Abby & her lifelong friend Claire Fulton's GrOoViN' to Jonas Brother's new hit, BURNIN' UP! (Believe it or not, it was only Abby's 2nd time to ever even hear the song!) CLICK ON ARROW to watch the "performance"



Ro said...

Wow, she's quite the little dancer! I'm very impressed by her moves. She is such a sweet girl!

Susie said...

LOVE the dance!! What a boogier!! She IS a sweet, sweet girl!!! What a blessing! :)

kara said...

get it mother like daughter! Which reminds me...when can we get together and do some groovin?

Shabbee Chick said...

So cute! We went to the AGirl store with my two girls this summer and have an identical picture to yours standing outside Kit's house. I have one who takes her baby buggy everywhere too! How cute! I NEED to know where that beautiful pink chennille-looking blanket that your little angels are sleeping under came from??????

Kerri said...

oh wow, after watching that video... she is most definitely your daughter!