Monday, September 28, 2015

Ella's Night In

Our Marvelous Mimi took each of our children out for a one on one dinner on a Sunday night throughout the early Fall months. When it came time for Ella's turn, being the creative cat that she is, Ella asked to instead go grocery shopping and make Mimi dinner at her house.
So, of course, Mimi, being the easy going gal that she is, said "Sure!" :-)
Ella made Mimi a lil' flower vase - of which all the flowers (freshly cut from our rose bush), died on the route to Mimi's home b/c Ella added scented hand lotion to the water to make them smell even better. :-)
Ella's planning menu and recipes:
La Cheese Dip
Turkey and Avocado Salad with Berry Smoothies
Joyous Ella with her Happy Mimi 
~ so grateful for sweet relationships and for special time with each of my children
(FYI: Will chose Pei Wei, Abby chose Cheddars and Owen chose El Chico as their nights out)

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