Monday, September 9, 2013

Fall Retreat Fun

Abby was SO excited that her friend Savi was able to attend Asbury's Fall Retreat with her! It was super last minute, but worked out just in the nick of time!
Petyon, a friend from Jenks Pom, was also aboard the bus to NLR!
(FYI: Peyton's mom became Abby's C-Group leader a couple weeks later...gonna be great!)
Will headed home after a super awesome weekend of fun!
I was soooo thankful that A and W were able to attend a retreat together...Won't get to again for 3 more years. :-(
(Will continues to love church and its plethora of activities more than anything else in his life...nothing can stop this boy from being there on Sunday mornings, evenings and Wed nights! It fills his cup...)

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