Friday, July 13, 2012


This summer marked Will's 3rd time to attend Shepherd's Fold Ranch Camp.
This is a camp that I went to as a rebellious 15 year old...and a camp that I credit with learning about and experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit for the first time.
As we arrive for Camp Closing Ceremonies, we quickly were able to meet Will's counselor this year...Nathan. He was so warm and friendly!
This was Will's 1st year to attend "Ranch Camp" - for grades 8th - 10th.
That meant a bigger and better cabin.
Time for the Eagle's Nest Closing Ceremonies
Will's cousins Keegan (15 yr old) and Grant (12 yr old - below) were at camp with him again this year...coolest thing ever for these boys to get to hang together in this way!
Worship & Praise
funniest song ever - they scream at each other at this one spot
Dance unto the Lord! (just like King David!)
There is truly nothing like watching kids worship the Lord with all their might!!
Time for his cabin awards
Will received the *Foresight Award* - Nathan said he was "wise beyond his years" (I agree!)
So thankful to have my boy home...there's just something about your firstborn. When they are gone, everything feels different. And speaking of different, I love to see the *difference the Lord makes in his life as he encounters him in such an amazing and intimate way at SFR. 

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