Friday, June 1, 2012

FanSACstic Fun

The time arrived for our dear friends' 5th Annual 
This is a favorite of all attending...especially our lil' tween girlies who so miss being together
ummm...can't u just feel the sincerity in that hug?!
These 3 bring such happiness to my heart...precious, precious girls...
and friends since they were toddlers
Speaking of toddlers, what JOY it brings to see my friend S come with her hands full of toddling darlings!
there are no words for shots like this one...
the DANCIN' begins
and they didn't even need any music to feel the beat!
The Doc and my G
Annual Water Balloon Toss
 Father Daughter Dance
The Momma's
Dancin' Time (with music this time)
BOING!!!! (love this pic)
Mother Son Dance
another make my heart melt moment...
Boys Karaoke
Carter and Will
take a turn with the Mike!
Lauren and Ella
(also friends since babies)
Sadly, the night had to come to an always, it was full of three things we love: 
friends, food & fellowship!
Thank you R's for another year of FanSACstic Fun!

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