Monday, March 12, 2012


March 7th, 11:18 a.m. Texts 
Greg: Saturday at 3:30 our date will begin
Me: Huh?? 
Greg: You will see
Me: Pitter patter (heart)
After 22 years together, my Honey is finally catching on to the fact that I love a surprise...particularly a surprise date!
Our 1st stop: Iguana Mexican Grill
We dined on yummy enchilada's and a delish Tilapia salad paired with one of the best swirls I've ever sipped on!
Next up was a ride on the Iguana Party bus that scooted us on over to the Cox arena where we...
watched some very tall boys toss a brown leather ball around
Having grown up in a family where all 5 kids played b-ball, this was right up my alley!
And, being that this was my very 1st NBA game, it was super memorable!
Between the numerous dunks and the rockin' rap music, I was totally in my "zone"
And catching sight of the half naked Thunder Viking Dude was just icing on the cake :-)

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momof3girls said...

Your post almost screams the need of everyone to know their spouse's & their children's love language! So glad that you all had such a fun "surprise" date night. Hubby did good!