Monday, December 5, 2011

*Bows of Holly

After watching her older brother play the leading role in our church Christmas Program for two straight years, it was finally time to ler her own lil' light shine!
Abby got a role as one of the *Girlfriends - right up her alley!
Going over lines one last time...
Let the Show Begin!!!
My sweet Grandma holding the program
*The Girlfriends*
The Girlfriends with Pastor Tom :-)
And to start the show - the Joyful Noises - the 4/5 yr old choir.
The littlest Ruley proudly waves to his adoring fans.
This was his 1st time to be in the Christmas Program...and it was this Momma's 2nd time to have 3 of 4 kiddo's in the show! 
I adore watching my kids perform...and this one - well, let's just say he's the easiest one to hear! ;-)
Proud Daddy
Time for the next one up...Miss Ella Bella's 7-8 yr old choir
Super cute!
And now for the "Big Kids" program...
Here's Abby with the *Girlfriends as they approach "Holly"
Autograph signing
Costume change
*Operation Holly*
Abby is the most animated singer ~ such a joy to watch!
Diva Girlfriends
The whole gang (3rd-6th grade choir)
Ta da
Abs with Mimi & Miss Marty (the director)
Owen with our most beloved Grandma
Proud Mom & Dad with our 3 Lil' CHRISTmas *Stars!

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