Monday, October 24, 2011

Texan kind of Fall Break

Our Annual Fall Break Trip...heading South to Texas!
Well, let's just say things took a wild turn about an hour into our drive.
I recall having to grab my door handle as my hubby flew through some twists & turns of a tollway...then, the next thing we knew sirens were on our tail.
Yup...Big Daddy got pulled over with 4 Nino's in the car...not good.
But -what was good? The kind officer gave the G-Daddy a warning. PTL!
Kids favorite spot ~ The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Shop
Thus, the begging for the crazy yummy goodies begins.
I succumbed and bought the $7.00 *Rocky Road Apple for the 3 younger ones to share 
and one little guy was especially excited!
After some afternoon shopping...we arrived at our home away from home.
The Stonebriar Embassy Suites
The kids negotiated their sleeping spots
and we shortly thereafter hit the Happy Hour downstairs
Guacamole, white chocolate covered pretzels & goldfish = Happy Kids!
Time for Momma's most beloved Asian Restaurant
Abby had her first Sushi! (and loved it btw)
Owen, well...he ordered a cheeseburger :-)
But sure did love him some chopstick action!
Greg went for his usual ~ *Mt. Fuji
While Will & I shared the most delicious dish on the planet...
*Tuna Tower!*
along w/ some salmon sushi - yum!
Just down the street from Naan, we indulged in our most favorite family dessert ever ~ 
Coldstone Creamery's
cake batter with brownie & hot fudge...YUMMOLIO!
Needless to say...bedtime did not = smooth sailing
Instead, it = lots & lots of trapeze artistry!

Saturday, October 22nd
The all you can eat breakfast buffet was enjoyed immensely
And the cool mom let her cool son sip on some not so cool decaf coffee
Traditional stop at The American Girl Store
Miss Ruthie was treated to a much needed Hair Appointment!

Ella chose the fancy flip ponytail style
(I still can't believe I paid to have a doll's hair done...again)

Now that's one good Daddy to spend his Saturday of Fall Break at a doll store!
Mommy, on the other hand, is soaking up the fact that this is probably the last year I'll have a little girl who even wants to go... :-(
Giggled when we saw the name of this store :-)
Saturday evening: Dinner with the Fultons!
(another terrific Texas tradition)
These two, Abby & Claire, believe it or not...are only 2 months apart! Despite their size differences, they are two Peas in a Pod! They spent their evening making these:
And, speaking of cute...these two, Miss Annie & Owen
had a blast playing together! 
Kate & I have our fingers crossed for a happily ever after future! :-)
The #4's (baby boys)
The kiddo's played & played 
& played....
until they were all tuckered out.
The evening ended with a very late night OU loss. (boo)
But a win for awesome family & friend time!
Sunday a.m.
Time to load back up and head to our favorite Texan church...
with the famous and timeless,
Pastor Chuck Swindoll!
Girl (Emma) & Boy (Carter) Cousin shots
(Mason & Uncle Dan were still in Norman from the OU game)
As always, we had an Amazing time spending our Fall Break in our favorite get-away state.
Big thanks to the Fultons for hosting our crazy bunch & making us feel so loved!

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