Monday, October 3, 2011

OU Girlz Weekend

There is a first for everything...and a weekend away with my besties from college was WAY overdue! One flew in from Dallas, the other drove from Clinton and I made my way from good ol' T-Town. 
Our first stop was the Chic Claussen Curve in OKC of which I highly recommend! We dined at Cafe 501 and it was delish!! We then perused the beautiful shops before heading off to our next stop...
and boy did I have fun at Crewcuts - the J.Crew store for kids!!!
Following our shopping spree, we made our way to the little town of Clinton, OK where one of the 3 K's resides.
Her charming husband met us at their famous & cool restaurant, The White Dog
This is actually a shot of the Beanie Bar across the way...the restaurant sat atop a hill and had the most beautiful view of the Sun setting!
McCasland 510 - we will never forget you!
(Our OU dorm name & #)
And we arrive at K #1's Home. K #2 and K #3 (moi) are shown to the guest room.
After an amazing tour of her beautiful custom designed home, we headed outdoors for some reminiscing, singing & serious dancing! (I'm not kidding either) When you've been friends for almost 20 years, you can do these kinds of things with your head still held high!  :-)
The next morning we arose to the most glorious smell in the air...the charming husband has put his culinary skills to work and prepared homemade pancakes for the 3 K's. And yes, I had many.
After lounging around visiting, we decided it was probably time to get ready for our evening event...the OU Football game in Norman.
1st Stop...our old stompin' grounds ~ The Mont
Their sausage & cheese Queso...beyond words
And their famous Swirl ~ YUMMO!
The 3 K's 
(with some creepy guy in the background! lol)
Met up with some other Pi Phi's at one of the new hang out's in Campus Corner
Right before the game, we made a pit stop at another Pi Phi's hubby's sweeeet Tailgate!
A flatscreen, stereo, beer tap (if u like the brewskie) & even a microwave!
Game Time!
Thanks again to K #1's Charming Husband, we had front row Club Level seats.
Oh, how times have changed since our days at OU...the spirit in the air was of champion style ~ we happened to be there during their dog days :-( 
Following yet another Sooner win, we headed to our hotel in the City. But before resting our pretty little heads, we felt the steering wheel head to an old favorite, Bellini's for a late night snack.
It was a weekend full of so many favorites ~ friends, shopping, dining & giggling!
Here's to my two K's - LOVE U GIRLS!! 

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