Monday, October 10, 2011

Mimi's Birthday

We celebrated Greg's Marvelous Mom's B'day on Sunday at Zio's.
My girls gifted her with homemade cards

and lots of kisses :-)
A ginormous hot fudge sundae was presented to the Birthday Girl
who then made a wish...wonder what it was??
I sure do love this lady! 
She has been an amazing Momma to me since I was just 14!
I count myself as the luckiest daughter in law on earth to have her as my kids' Mimi
I've never met another who loves her grandkids like this one...her famous line is: "They make my heart happy" ~ and she means it!
I'll tell you who makes our hearts happy...
our Mimi. *Happy Happy Birthday Mimi* 
May you have many, many more!!!

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