Tuesday, August 23, 2011

4 Kids 4 Schools

The school adventure began with Jenks Middle School 7th Grade enrollment
Then we moved on to 5th Grade Jenks Intermediate Meet the Teacher
(Throw in a Jenks Southeast Tour + a Pre-K 5 Meet the Teacher + JSE Meet the Teacher)
Then we come to JMS, JEI and JSE 1st Day of School
August 18th, 2011
My Big 7th Grader - a boy that I am SO proud of! I've never met a young man so organized, responsible and self-composed. God has AMAZING plans in store for his life!
Princess Bella, a.k.a. Ella
She has a LOT of changes on her plate this year.
New school + 1st time without Abby by her side :-(
We are thankful indeed for how God has blessed each of our kids with fabulous teachers and friends!
Grateful that Ella is transitioning so smoothly...
and being loved on so sincerely by this precious soul ~ her 2nd grade teacher
Due to being in a rush in the a.m., we had to catch Abby's 1st day pic when she got home...just a wee bit sweaty due to 100+ temps! :-)
She's starting to lose that "little girl" look...and such a mix of her Daddy and I! His round face, my petite build. So cool to see how God merged the two of us in her!
Abby's new school bag that her sweet Nana got her!
(Man, makes my nylon Jansport from 5th grade look pretty weak!)
  Big O's 1st day of Pre K 5!
Tuesday, August 23rd
 His new Cool Cat Backpack 
- praising God he went for this over a Green Lantern one! LOL
To kick up the fun factor - we added a *Super Owen* nametag!
 This will be our 9th year at STB's Early Learning Program!
We started with Will when he was 4 and had just moved to South Tulsa - and we will end with Owen at age 4. So thankful for this Godly Pre-school!
Miss Janis and Miss Annie
I Loooove that all 4 of my kiddo's have had Miss Janis! 
What a cool thing to have in common!!
4 Kids + 4 Schools = One, Wildly Wonderful Year! :-)

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Becca said...

Whew, I'm exhausted for you just reading this! That'll be me someday, just one less child. Happy school year, neighbor!